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Enjoy FREE Shipping on any Order 🚚

Custom Request

We collaborate closely with interior designers and professional home decorators on custom orders that will meet their client’s unique needs and lifestyles.

At WovenCrafts, we have our own production workshop and design studio which allows us to be flexible for any type of project.

If you are an interior designer, home stager, architect, stylist or decorator, we would love to help you find and make unique pieces that suit your projects and help your clients feel connected with their space

Our services include, but not limited to : 

  •  Provide design assistance and recommendations
  • Bring a design into live and Custom made most of the home textiles accessories and accent décor
  • Help track down the pieces that will work for client
  • Custom made most of the Upholstery project.

 Some examples of the custom pieces we can make:

  • Hand woven Rug 
  • Pillows, any size, color, and design
  • Benches
  • Ottoman and Floor cushions
  • Blankets
  • Chairs covers
  • Pet beds

If you haven’t found exactly what you have been searching for, we’d love to chat with you about tracking down a piece that does work.

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