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Our Company


WovenCraftsCo is a textile workshop and design studio, established in 2019 in Seattle and operates between US and Morocco.

We design unique textile crafts in our Seattle studio and then hand weave them using traditional ancient technique at our weaving workshop in Morocco. By blending our modern lifestyle with these ancient techniques, we were able to achieve a combination of smart and modern design, premium quality, and true international style.

Dividing her time between Morocco and USA, Founder Oumaima Azami design and create unique home textiles in collaboration with local Moroccan weavers in the Atlas Mountain of Morocco. This collaboration was made possible through our Moroccan cooperative association "IHSSAN" founded back in 2016. 

" Our company was built on passion for handwoven crafts and dedication to timeless quality "

Our Story 

Our journey began in Morocco as a small cooperative business, and then evolved into a online shop and studio based in Seattle and features our exclusive designs and the most iconic collection of home textiles.

At first, the Women's Cooperative of Textiles  "IHSSAN" in Oued zem, Morocco, was established to facilitate the collaboration between traditional Moroccan weavers. Local female who love to hand weave were invited to work closely together, sharing techniques, knowledge, experiences and make some extra income to help their families.

Later, Oumaima Azami, one of the members of this cooperative and founder of WovencraftsCo had the opportunity to showcase and feature the art work of these females at various exhibition around the US. 

WovencraftsCo was born in order to expand the cooperative outreach to the rest of the world by making the work accessible to international audiences as well as contributing to all aspects of design.

Our Craftsmanship 

It is widely known that Craftsmanship produces high quality products from highly skilled artisans who strive relentlessly for perfection in their work. When mentioning luxury, one often thinks of “handmade” goods. Indeed, each craft we make is a piece of art, with a skilled artisan stitching on the high-quality fabrics.

Unfortunately, in today's world many believe traditional artisan is in decline because of mass production and the general apathy found in today's society.

At WovenCrafts, we don't NOT mass produce or use any industrial machine during our manufacturing process. Our production capability is limited to few quantity per month. We tend to focus more on quality and pay detail attention to each product we make. It is our vision to create high quality unique products and always prioritize quality over quantity

Our Mission

We aim to maintain craftmanship and preserve ancient technique and traditions that are vanishing in a fast moving industrial world. We work to bridge the connection with these ancients traditions and modern lifestyle.

Additionally, our manufacturing relies on NO industrial process. Building our business model on the handmade, values our products, and expose their authenticity.

We strive to offer high quality home textiles with integrity, using authentic materials, unique design and quality craftsmanship. We want to create the sort of quality that earns us reputations as great maker in the textile industry.   

  • Get away from the mass produced and back to supporting local artisans and small businesses who truly embrace the craft.
  • Celebrate and maintain a traditional artisan craft  while updating it with modern patterns and color combinations.
  • Produces high quality products from highly skilled workmen without super premium prices.
  • Protect and sustain the ancient cultural heritage of the weaving Berber Community of Morocco.