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About Us

 WovenCraftsCo is a textile workshop and design studio, established in 2019 in Washington and operates between US and Morocco.

We design unique textile crafts in our Seattle studio and then hand weave them using traditional ancient technique at our weaving workshop in Morocco. By blending our modern lifestyle with these ancient techniques, we were able to achieve a combination of smart and modern design, premium quality, and true international style.

Our success is attributed to our exclusive partnership with our master Moroccan weavers in the Atlas mountain of Morocco. This collaboration was made possible through our Moroccan cooperative association "IHSSAN" founded back in 2012.


" Our company was built on passion for handwoven crafts and dedication to timeless quality "


Our Story 

Our journey began in Morocco as a small cooperative business, and then evolved into a worldwide online shop based in Seattle and features our exclusive designs and the most iconic collection of home textiles.

At first, the Women's Cooperative of Textiles  "IHSSAN" in Oued zem, Morocco, was established to facilitate the collaboration between traditional Moroccan weavers. Local female who love to hand weave were invited to work closely together, sharing techniques, knowledge, experiences and make some extra income to help their families. These collectives have the potential to keep the traditions of weaving and other crafts alive.

Later, Oumaima Azami, one of the members of this cooperative and founder of WovencraftsCo had the opportunity to showcase and feature the art work of these females at various exhibition around the US. 

WovencraftsCo was born in order to expand the cooperative outreach to the rest of the world by making the work accessible to international audiences throughout the online market gateway as well as contributing to all aspects of design.




Meet Oumaima


Hi, I’m Siobhan, founder of Shiv Textiles, an independent studio based in Brighton. Since launching in 201

My journey began as an intern within the textiles and fashion industry whilst studying at the University of Brighton. I saw the amount of waste that was left behind and knew I had to start designing in a different way.

Oumaima, herself is a weaver addict and a female artisan with craftsmanship skills. She was raised by Moroccan parents who made a living selling handwoven Moroccan rugs and worked closely with other women. Her parent taught her how to weave and passed down ancient weaving technic and traditions. She also understand the struggle and the need to be a female weaver during these days.

After her immigration to the US back in 2015, Oumaima felt the need and responsibility of keeping the cooperative she contributed in alive, repair fraying tradition of Berber weaving and thus protect her own community that rely upon it.

Her experience growing up between the two cultures, she says, has inspired her signature style. With her background in design and weaving, she then founded an interior textile design studio in 2019 and has been working between Morocco and the the US since then. 

She states “if NO action is taken today, specially during and after the COVID pandemic, these crafts will disappear and the world will lose precious cultural heritage.” she adds that her program aim to “protect and sustain the ancient cultural heritage of the weaving Berber Community of Morocco” by “empowering women — socially and economically — through craft.”


 You have any question or Comment to Oumaima ? We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of us or what we can do to improve our services.